1984 January 12  Birth surname Conradie.  Looking for biological mother and siblings.  Addington Hospital, Durban  Robyn 
1984 January 14  Birth name Natasja Brizzee.  Looking for biological parents.  East London  Natasha 
1984 January 25  Birth surname unknown.  Female, looking for biological parents and sister.  Potchefstroom  Marietjie 
1984 February 2   FOUND Birth name Erica Lloyd.  Looking for biological mother. Uitenhage / Port Elizabeth Leandré
1984 February 3 Daughter – birth name Virginia Sander Universitas Hospital, Bloemfontein Leon
1984 February 6 Birth name unknown.  Male, looking for biological parents. Westonaria Gerhard
1984 February 10  Birth surname HoganFemale, looking for biological mother and siblings.  Mowbray Hospital, Cape Town  Monique 
1984 February 24 Son – birth surname Smith HF Verwoerd (now Pretoria Academic) Hospital Claudette
1984 February 27 Son – birth name Phillip Warren Mowbray Hospital, Cape Town Helen
1984 February 28 I was adopted shortly after birth via the Roman Catholic Church. It would be wonderful to know my bloodline and whether I have siblings. Johannesburg Wendy
1984 March 2  Birth name unknown.  Female, looking for biological mother.  Universitas Hospital, Bloemfontein  Alricia 
1984 March 4 Birth name Mary Walsch.  Looking for biological father (Coetzee). Addington Hospital, Durban Jo-Ann
1984 March 23 Birth name Marcia Wade.  Looking for biological mother. Addington Hospital, Durban Tamara
1984 April 5 Son – birth name Lee-Roy Cotlands Baby Sanctuary Ashley
1984 April 5 Birth name Lesley Griffiths.  Looking for biological parents.   HF Verwoerd Hospital Roy
1984 April 9 Birth name Muriel Botha.  Looking for biological father (Swanepoel). Stilfontein Muriel
1984 April 12           FOUND Birth name Nonette Kotze.  Looking for biological mother. Durban Juantia
1984 April 17 Biological mother looking for daughter Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Doris (NLL)
1984 May 1 Birth name Julie Pain.  Looking for biological parents. (Father A Caine) Addington Hospital, Durban Emma
1984 May 4 Daughter looking for biological mother Bubi, Zimbabwe Doris (NLL)
1984 May 11            FOUND  Birth name Zelda van der Merwe.  Looking for biological mother.  Pretoria Femina Hospital  Magdalene 
1984 June 4 Daughter - birth name Eleanore Kamfer Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town Catharina
1984 June 11 Biological mother looking for daughter Harare, Zimbabwe Doris (NLL)
1984 June 18 Birth name unknown.  Looking for biological parents. Durban Shahista
1984 June 20       FOUND Birth name Christna Olivier.  Looking for biological parents. Johannesburg General Hospital Marelize
1984 June 23 Birth surname Campher.  Looking for biological father L Klaassen. Witbank Louise
1984 July 3  Daughter - birth name Jana Landman Uitenhage  Sonet 
1984 July 4 (+) Child - birth surname Sodien Port Elizabeth Charles
1984 July 9 Birth name Caroline Gouws.  Looking for biological mother. Witbank or Middelburg Cheryl
1984 July 16 Birth surname Venter.  Female, looking for biological mother. Pretoria Liezel
1984 July 16 Looking for biological parents (father C Pillay) RK Khan Hospital, Durban Dan
1984 July 20 Son - birth name Rohan de Wet  Johannesburg General Hospital  Renee 
1984 August 5 Birth name Farhana.  Looking for biological parents & brother. Durban Farhana
1984 August 10 Birth name Lee Reid.  Looking for biological mother. Pietersburg ? Lisle
1984 August 24 Birth name Anita Knox.  Looking for biological parents Pretoria Elize
1984 September 1 Brother – birth name Carel Kruger Pretoria Michelle
1984 September 3  FOUND Birth name Timothy de Wet.  Looking for biological parents. Cape Town Herbert
1984 September 16   FOUND Daughter – birth name Carin de Wit Mowbray Hospital, Cape Town Cheryl
1984 September 27 Birth name Amanda Nel.  Looking for biological mother and siblings. Pretoria Amanda
1984 October 15 Son – birth name Kyle Thomas J G Strydom Hospital, Johannesburg Helen
1984 October 19 Birth name Erika Booysen.  Looking for biological mother. Klerksdorp Hospital Celeste
1984 October 29 ?  Cousin - birth name Mandy de Sousa  Durban  Tracy 
1984 November 7 Son - birth surname Wood Harare, Zimbabwe Alice
1984 November 10 Birth name Tamsin van Wyk.  Looking for biological parents. Pretoria Elsje
1984 November 14/15 Brother – birth name Wouter Hendrikse Paarl Hospital Helen
1984 November 15 Birth name William Oliver.  Looking for biological parents. Union Nursing Home, Alberton Gunther
1984 November 19 FOUND Birth name Martin-Lee Kilian.  Looking for biological mother & siblings. Pretoria Piero
1984 November 20 Son – birth name Shayden Posthumus Johannesburg General Hospital Patricia
1984 December 7  Daughter – birth name Nikki-Lee Bresler Evander Hospital & Princess Alice Adoption Home Denise 
1984 December 25  Daughter - birth name Chanté Swartz  Port Elizabeth  Melony 
1984 December 27 Birth name Jeanca van den Heever.  Looking for biological mother and family. Pretoria Mari